Parliamentary Watch

Parliamentary Watch Report 1st Anual Report of 4th Legislature (September 2008-September 2009)

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To report on observations made of the performance of the national assembly and its members COMFREL began producing monthly findings as part of the Parliamentary Watch (PW) project at the start of Third Legislature of the National Assembly.

The first PW annual report published findings from the fourth legislature, September 24th, 2008 to September 30th, 2009, and focused on the opinions expressed by parliamentarians during national assembly plenary sessions and the obstacles which parliamentarians faced in fulfilling their duties.

3rd Preliminary Report On Results of Observation of Voter List Cleaning Process in 2007

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COMFREL has issued consecutive reports on its observation of the voter list cleaning process. The first report was issued on July 20, 2007, the second on August 1, 2007 and the third, regarding observation lasting from August 1 to 22, 2007, on August 23, 2007. A summary report has also been issued, covering July 12 to 31 in 165 communes/sangkats. COMFREL continued to deploy observers in 94 communes/sangkats to carry on with monitoring the process of complaints on the voter list cleaning and with verifying

Final Report of the Media Monitoring

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Information related to political parties and to candidates standing for election is essential to the electorate being able to make a decision on who to choose as their representatives at both commune and national level. Choice of persons or parties depends heavily on information available on said persons or parties. In this respect, the media, one of the best channels for dissemination of information, has a crucial role in terms of influencing election results.

Press Release On Youth Evaluation of the Achievements of the Royal Government of Cambodia or Elected Political Parties on Training and Job Creation

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Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center, Phnom Penh, August 14, 2007

Youth voters are dissatisfied with the achievements of the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) or elected political parties on training and job creation.

The average score given by youth voters was 2.83 on a scale ranging from 1 (absolutely dissatisfied) to 5 (very satisfied).

Press Release On 2nd Preliminary Results of Observation of Voter List Cleaning Process in 2007

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The Committee for Free and Fair Elections in Cambodia (COMFREL) issued the 1st Preliminary Results of Observation of the Voter List Cleaning Process on July 20, 2007. The 2nd Preliminary Results, of observation lasting from July 20-31, 2007, show that some COMFREL-observed communes, where irregularities showed up in the first observation, were normalizing. Contrarily, new irregularities with the potential to impact the effectiveness of the voter list cleaning process and to lead to the loss of the right to vote showed up in some communes/sangkats, including those observed by COMFREL.

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