Democratic Reform

Press Release

COMFREL would like to release its 2011 Report on Cambodian Democracy, Elections and Reform. Please, see the attached file.

Following on the last year’s Report on Cambodian Democracy, Elections and Reform, COMFREL continues its reports, which assess the annual state of democracy in Cambodia. The annual report takes a comparative approach in asking, what changed in comparison to previous years? Did the political system of Cambodia progress toward a consolidated democracy or is stagnation or even a regression observable, which put the democratization process into question? The assessment of the democratic process is based on the findings of the COMFREL ‘Government Watch’, ‘Parliamentary Watch’, ‘Media Watch’, ‘Election Watch’, and ‘Gender Watch’ sections. Besides primary observations, secondary sources of different national and international partners, stakeholders and media have been included in the report to ensure a comprehensive assessment of the democratization process in 2011.

Case Study On Indigenous Peoples at Risk of Land Loss Demand an Immediate Solution from Authorities

“I am alive again. I no longer die as there are organizations supporting me and making interventions. I hope that there will be solutions so that I can get my land back.” said Mr. Broneang Kantai with hope during a follow-up forum held by COMFREL in Ratanakiri province. Kantai has been at risk of losing his land to a plantation company.